A town hall taking place in Studio 6A, with community members in attendance, seated in bleachers. A panelist draws on a large white board on the stage.

What We Do

Austin PBS is dedicated to telling stories that entertain, inspire and change lives. By creating and distributing award-winning content, Austin PBS highlights to the world what makes Austin unique. As a nonprofit educational organization, Austin PBS also prepares children for success in school and creates lifelong learning opportunities for all.


A woman, wearing gloves, pouring liquid from a cup as part of an at-home craft project. There is a bottle labeled Table Top Epoxy in the foreground.

One of the most prolific public media stations in the country, Austin PBS produces more than 130 hours of original content each year. Known worldwide for our long-running music show Austin City Limits, we also produce and nationally distribute Arts In Context, Central Texas Gardener, Overheard with Evan Smith and many other programs as well as work with local filmmakers to help them share and distribute their work. In addition to the traditional television approach, we also provide content in forums where a need for a trusted source exists through our community journalism project Decibel and the digital-first local oral history series Austin Revealed.


A child hugging Clifford the Big Red Dog while an adult, in the foreground, takes a picture on a smart phone.

Austin PBS presents high-quality content that improves learning outcomes for Central Texans of all ages with a particular focus on serving parents, caregivers, teachers, and students. Through our work in the community, we provide access to PBS Kids resources to help enrich free time as well as to provide simple digital literacy practices to help guide children’s use of all media. We blend education and entertainment and encourage families to do activities together after turning the TV off. And most importantly Austin PBS provides a safe haven that is non-commercial and that parents can trust.


Judy Maggio holding a microphone up to an audience member who is speaking, during an ATX Together town hall taping in Studio 6A.

Through all of our work, we bring people together to create meaningful conversations to help build a stronger, more educated and informed community. Each year Austin PBS hosts more than 100 events ranging from community discussions like ATX Together to screenings like Indie Lens Pop Ups and invites people to attend, reflect, discuss and be part of the conversation. We also create content on the issues important to the community and provide a safe place for online discussions. And through projects like American Graduate, Austin PBS partners with other nonprofits to engage the community about specific topics like workforce development and early learning. Visit our Events page for tapings and community engagement.


Fri, 1/28

Black History Programming 2022

Celebrate Black History this February.

Tue, 1/25

Sparking Curiosity with Ready Jet Go!

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Fri, 1/21

ATX Together: The Engage Series — Normalizing Mental Health and Grief in the Workplace

Original livestream: 1/12/22
For nearly two years, our society has been raddled by individual and collective grief, stress and trauma from Covid-19. This pandemic has changed the way we move in our day to day lives including the workforce. Whether you work in-person or remotely, Covid-19 has impacted the way many jobs operate and the way people may show up at work.